The Dreaded Writer’s Block

Working on the novel today…and the words just aren’t coming. Ever been there? How do you cope if you have? Help!


8 responses to “The Dreaded Writer’s Block

  1. It helps me to stop thinking about it. I don’t write novels but if I can’t think of anything to write about I read something similar to what I want to write or I listen to audios. Stop thinking, get inspired, and write by hand, that’s what I do. I hope this helps!

    -Eric Out-


    • Thanks, Eric. I am very much in my head today and need to get out of it! Love the idea of reading something similar to what I’m writing. Great idea. I write all my notes by hand, so maybe I’ll try some of the novel as well. Thanks-Robin


  2. I’ve just finished the first draft of my first novel, so I’m just about as far away from being an expert in these things as it’s possible to be. With that disclaimer, I’m told that the thing to do in these circumstances is just to write something, anything, no matter how rubbish you think it is. I’ve certainly employed that tactic a few times and whilst it might not be that satisfying, it’s certainly better than sitting and staring at that cursor winking away; and I’ve found that after a while typing aimlessly away I do tend to find my thread again.

    Good luck!


      • Thanks Robin! At one point the first draft seemed like the ultimate goal, but I have the feeling it’s a bit like trekking up a mountain – you think you’re there and then you discover there’s yet another climb in front of you and it’s actually even steeper than the bit you’ve done. Think there’s something about resilience there!


      • I definitely think resilience has a lot to do with it. I finished the first draft of mine in January and I took a huge break from it. I’d done so much editing, etc. that I felt like I’d lost my voice and wasn’t up for the 2nd round. I was working with a mentor/editor who had so many great ideas and suggestions, I think I was overwhelmed and needed a breather-but I’m finally back at it, so we’re probably in a similar place with the work. Good luck! Love your analogy of the climb, followed by the steeper one-that’s exactly what it feels like sometimes! Robin


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