Somedayi…just what does that mean?

Girl Riding Alligator is my parent blog. The one who gave me my wings and I encourage all to check it out-who knows, you might even want to start a page yourself or find something interesting there that inspires you.

It’s all about your dreams and how you are making them a reality-whether it’s something as simple as-someday I’ll take a vacation, to someday I’ll be president.  This is a place for people to inspire and allow themselves to share their own aspirations-small, medium, large-gigantic-wild, etc.

If you’re like me you probably grew up saying to yourself or someone else…when I grow up I want to be, or I’m going to do, or something along those lines. is about allowing yourself to think about how you can make your Somedayi dream a reality or inspire someone else to embark on making their on Somedayi a reality.

“Someday i ” am going to write a novel and become a published author has been one of my aspirations and I’m well on my way ( I hope). And my blog- Reflections of a Restless Raconteur is about that process and how I’m working and what I’m working on. It’s also an invitation to all of you out there to share your writing dreams, experience, struggles, highs, lows, challenges, your work, etc.  It’s a place to feel safe expressing your thoughts, exchanging ideas, your own hopes and dreams and your fears. And definitely it’s a place to tout your accomplishments.

I know I want us all to succeed in our writing and creative endeavors…and “succeed” means different things to different people.

Getting published is one way to succeed, finishing a novel or a short story or a poem, an article, essay, a great piece of ad copy that you feel good about are other ways. Sometimes just hacking out one page of work a day is a huge success!

So here’s your forum. A place to explore your Someday i aspirations…whatever they may be. Glad you’re here for the ride, whether you contribute with a comment or put out your own challenge, set a goal for yourself, share excerpts of your work, insights-whatever. The Somdayi community and this blog are here to support you and thrilled to share in the achievement of your dreams-whether you pursue them or not!

Thanks for being here!  TRRthe restless raconteur


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