Oh where oh where has The Raconteur been???? And have you heard of NaNoWriMo???

the restless raconteurUnfortunately The Restless Raconteur has been sick as a dog for a very long time, hence my absence and lack of posting.
But! I have not abandoned ship! I’m back and I’ve missed you. How are your creative endeavors coming along? Fill us in-What are you up to? Creatively charging ahead or snuggling under your covers enjoying the Fall weather (depending on where you are, of course!).
I’ve been cursing the day I picked up whatever foul cold/bronchial thing I did because it took me out like a ton of bricks and I’ve been out of commission for at least a month. Who on earth has time for that?
Enough of my sad story, though. Please give us an update and have any of you
ever heard of a trippy little site called NaNoWriMo?
Here’s the link: http://nanowrimo.org
If you write, or even if you don’t it’s a great site for getting started, getting an online kick in the pants if you’re in a rut, a great resource for pep talks, craft lessons, etc., expanding your writing circle, and finding creatives in your area to work with. Plus it’s just plain cool.
Let me know what you think!


3 responses to “Oh where oh where has The Raconteur been???? And have you heard of NaNoWriMo???

  1. Im so sorry you’ve been sick for a whole month with the SF bug, I’m sure there is a story there. This is a great blog site, very beautifully laid out. Please give kudos to your artist Kenneth Routt, I’m really enoying his visual pieces.

    P.S. Go Nanowrimo wri’au’s (writer authors)! We are hitting the halfway mark already. Novemeber 12 means we really have to not cook the turkey this year.




    • Molly, I know you’ll get that 50,000 no problem…but the poor turkey may have to take a back seat-he he.
      I will pass on your kudos to Kenneth and let him know you’re enjoying his work. I need to post some of the new stuff…and any time you have something you’d like for me to feature…let me know. I’d love to share your work with the world. So amazing!


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