about the raconteur

According to the dictionary and a number of sources, a Raconteur is: A person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way. Also a Storyteller, spinner of yarns, narrator; a teller of tales who uses storytelling to convey events in words and images, often by improvisation or embellishment.

So, being the Storyteller that I am, Reflections of a Restless Raconteur seemed like a fitting way to describe this blog.

But, who cares? Why are you here and why should you spend one more second of your precious time reading?

Because I have some stories to tell…and I’ll bet you do too.

I’ve always said that “Someday I’ll” write a book and get published, but never thought I’d really have the chance. I viewed my writing as a hobby, until one day (on a lark), I applied to and was accepted by Stanford University to be a student in their Online Writing Certificate program. They only accepted about 32 candidates and I was one of them! Clearly, they did not view the work I submitted to be on the “hobby” level and I was surprised and irritated with myself for having taken so long to realize this on my own. (Are you wondering how many talents and skills you think of as hobbies, that really aren’t! Maybe it’s time to reconsider.)

Anyway, it’s been about five months since I completed the two-year program (with straight A’s-a big first for me-a solid C average graduate with a B.A. in Journalism) and one of my novels is almost complete.

But, as many of you know-writing a novel…or anything for that matter, is an intense experience and can often be a lonely endeavor. So, when it was suggested by a friend that I share my writing process as well as the writing itself, it sounded like a great idea. No more going it alone for me!

So, that’s how this blog was born…and another “Someday I’ll….” aspiration of mine (to write a blog) became a reality.

Now, because this is a new venture, I ask for your patience as it comes together. Hopefully when it does, you’ll be glad you stopped by and you’ll keep coming. So, here’s how it will work.
I’ll share excerpts from one of the novels for you to read, review and comment on. I’ll also post personal essays, articles and short stories…some fiction and some non-fiction. These I’ll invite you to comment on as well, but the real fun will be for you to guess which ones are fiction and which ones are not! We’ll have polls, writing tips, book reviews, reflections on the writing process, the opportunity for you to submit some writing of your own (give it a shot!)from time to time, as well as writing contests.

I truly believe it’s never too late or too early to embark on an adventure or fulfill your dreams and aspirations. I’ve got a bunch and you probably do too.

The objective of this blogging experiment is to entertain, engage, inform, motivate and inspire you (and myself!) Everyone has a story (or two) to tell. Hope you’ll come along for the ride and join in the dialogue.


2 responses to “about the raconteur

  1. Robin, I stumbled on your blog searching for information on the Stanford Novel Writing Certificate and reading your About Me felt like it could be me. I applied this year and do not know if I got in or not. Like you, for years I have been telling myself ‘Someday I” will write a novel. On a lark applied this year. Like you I am an adoptive mom. I look forward to reading more from you and some day read the book you are working on.

    All the best!



    • Lakshmi-
      I know it’s been forever since you posted here, but I was wondering if you got in to the Stanford program, and if so, wanted to ask how it’s going.
      Best of luck!


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