Craft Book of the Week-Not for the faint of heart!

UnknownPlease don’t let the cute illustration on the cover of this book give you the impression that reading it is as easy as pie! It most certainly is not.

Story Logic And The Craft Of Fiction by Catherine Brady is an intense and dynamic book which explores how to craft a story and the logic behind how to accomplish that task. (There are graphs and talk of arching, etc. )

Former classmates of mine and an instructor have said that Brady’s prose usually requires a few readings before you can wrap your head around it and the wealth of information she’s collected and broken down for writers. It’s a smart, sophisticated handbook that every writer might want to keep handy.

Besides imparting wisdom and de-constructing some of the more complex concepts of the actual craft of writing, she provides a Q&A section, along with exercises.

Give it a read, use it as a reference, try to imagine what was on Wayne Thiebaud’s mind when he came up with the subject matter for the art on the cover. I’ll bet there’s a helluva story there, don’t you think?


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